About Us:

Our History
Founded in 2011 by Joshua McKee and his team of passionate solution-seekers, Atlas Staffing has remained at the forefront of the staffing industry ever since its inception. What drove Joshua—who has been working in the staffing industry since 2005—was that most staffing companies were leaving out the key component for true success: the real needs of the people who turn to staffing companies for help.

Joshua and his team are dedicated to consistently creating people-oriented solutions for those who are seeking new jobs and careers, and the employers who want to hire them. Atlas Staffing is built on a foundation that includes principles of integrity, honesty, transparency, and communication. We invest in solutions that drive the most positive and productive results.

Our Core Values
Elevate people by being the best staffing and recruiting firm in the communities we serve.

Embrace a Growth Mindset
Obsessed with Customer Success
Take the Stairs, Get Comfortable with the Uncomfortable
Bias to Action, Never Wait Until Tomorrow
Always Protect the Team

Meet Our Staff

My name is Karli and I am the Marketing Manager for Atlas Staffing.
When I am not planning campaigns, designing graphics, or updating our social media accounts, you will most likely find me outside in the sunshine. I love being creative, staying active, and hanging out with my family. My favorite food groups are chocolate and coffee, and I love listening to Andrea Bocelli while I cook dinner. Someday, I would like to travel to at least 6 of the 7 continents. It's definitely out of my comfort zone, but it would be amazing!